The Dems’ Hypocrisy: Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee


Now that America is embroiled in a never-ending battle over street murals, there are a lot of people who are noticing certain double standards. Redwood City, California was the site of one of these battles. Dan Pease is a local artist from the area who received permission to paint an enormous mural that paid homage to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The display was placed in the center of town. The mural was placed in this town on the fourth of July but within two weeks, it had vanished entirely. The liberals immediately thought that one of their opponents had been responsible for the disappearing act but this was decidedly not the case in this particular instance.

The Mayor of the city had actually ordered city employees to get rid of the mural. He wasn’t trying to send a message to the local residents or take a political stance, though. The problem came into play when he received a request from another resident who wanted to create a mural of their own. They asked the mayor if they could paint their own MAGA mural on the same street.

Instead of allowing the inevitable problems to take place between the opposing sides once the MAGA mural went up, the mayor elected to avoid the issues entirely. The entire idea was scrapped and the city decided that no one would be allowed to have a mural. The roads in this town are going back to normal.

Maria Rutenburg is the one who wanted the MAGA mural and she brought up a good point. If these areas are now going to be open season for public displays, why shouldn’t people be able to put up MAGA murals as well? It’s an honest question and Rutenberg has a lot to say about the matter.

“I saw “Black Lives Matter” sign appearing on Broadway Street on the asphalt and I figured that’s gonna be a new public space, open for discussion, and I wanted to get my message out, too,” Maria said. The legal and political fight that would have broken out if she had been allowed to put her mural up could have been deadly.

Pease is fine with the city’s decision, for what its worth. He says that he does not consider “Black Lives Matter” to be a political statement but he knows that the city was in a very challenging position. Whenever someone wants to paint a mural that isn’t connected to Black Lives Matter, its always a problem. The Blue Lives Matter mural that was supposed to go up in New York City is still hanging in limbo.

At a Utah Planned Parenthood, pro-life activists painted a “Baby Lives Matter” mural out front. As you might have expected, the mural was taken away before too long. While some of these murals are centered around religious beliefs, MAGA murals do not fall under that category. Civic leaders are not going to want to deal with the headaches that are associated with these types of displays.

None of the protesters are going to allow these murals to stay up. That’s why this quick-thinking mayor shut all of the counter-protests down before they would have a chance to get started. We all know what would have happened here. The anti-Trump crowds and the pro-Trump crowds would have been fighting in the street within moments. There is absolutely no denying that.

Is this a solution that other cities are going to start emulating? It’s a good question. While this solution may work just fine for a smaller town that does not receive very much media scrutiny, the larger cities of America are not going to be so lucky. We highly doubt that any of the liberal mayors who are in control of the major cities are going to be willing to take down Black Lives Matter murals anytime soon.


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