Lunatic Maxine Waters Under Pressure From Navy Veteran Over House Seat


Joe E. Collins is putting lots of pressure on the Democratic party right now and as the kids say, we are here for it. He’s looking to unseat Maxine Waters. As you might have expected, the career politician is feeling the heat. He’s raking in the donations and does not need to pander to the progressives to gain traction in the current climate.

It’s easy to see why the Democrats are terrified of his presence. He’s a pro Trump veteran who is not going to be easily slotted into one of the neat little boxes that people have for him. The California Democrat is watching his campaign closely, as Waters has already seen him haul in $3 million without having to compromise on any of his principles.

Collins’ platform is a simple one. He wants to rebuild the areas that have been destroyed by the recent riots and protests. South Los Angeles is in need of help and he’s got a plan to assist them. If he is elected, he is ready to expand the amount of housing that is currently available in the district. Collins’ plans are also designed to attract all sorts of new businesses to the area.

During a recent Fox News appearance, Collins spoke passionately about the fate of black businesses in Los Angeles. He is worried about the current state of affairs. Watching all of these businesses close their doors permanently will have that effect on anyone who actually cares about their community. In other words, he is not a fan of the riots that are causing all of this damage.

“It’s because of so-called leaders like Maxine Waters,” says Collins. He is calling her out for leaving the community to fend for themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. “You would think that when you are a black leader in a black community that it would be your prime responsibility to ensure that people that are in your district have what they need in order to survive during times like COVID-19,” he continued.

We could not agree with him more. “We have tons of black-owned businesses here in Los Angeles that have not been able to receive any type of benefits from the state, not from the city or the federal government. … The majority of the reason is because of Maxine Waters,” said the veteran. South Los Angeles natives like this man are glad that someone is finally standing up for their needs.

There’s no one who seems to be willing to say the things that this candidate is saying. We wonder how long it will take before Joe Biden comes charging out to tell this man that he is not actually black because he stands with Trump. Collins is also expressing his gratefulness for the donations that he has received so far. Maxine Waters’ days are numbered, unless the Democrats find a way to interfere with his rise.

That’s not out of the question. They always stand in staunch opposition to any candidate that is willing to give the president a chance. Their whole party seems geared towards Trump hatred, as opposed to having any actual plans. A Republican with a real plan to repair damaged cities in the United States is their worst nightmare.

They need to stay in their places and focus on themselves, namely Maxine Waters. If $3 million in donations doesn’t speak loudly enough, we are not sure what will. When someone like Bernie Sanders is able to rack up millions in smaller donations from Vermont liberals, he’s treated as a conquering hero.

Those same mainstream media sources shut right down when a candidate like Collins comes along. We wish this veteran the best of luck with his campaign and support his efforts to repair the damages that have been done in South Los Angeles. Maxine Waters and her liberal supporters had better prepare themselves for the fight that lies ahead of them.


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