He’s Back: Beto Drops In to Call the Texas GOP a ‘Death Cult’ and Praise ‘Hero’ COVID Cuomo


    Beto O’Rourke scurried away from the limelight when his quest to become the next president imploded. After spouting out a few doozies before he left, he hasn’t been heard from – until now.

    He doesn’t want to be forgotten. Beto wanted to be the savior of the United States. Now, he’ll spout any lie he can think of in order to remind people that the liberals still have a chance in hell of making a comeback.

    According to Beto’s interview with MSNBC, the Texas GOP wants Latino and Black Americans to die.

    Say what now?

    Beto has actually referred to the Texas Republican Party as a “death cult.”

    Okay, so what’s going on? The Covid-19 crisis is what’s going on. There’s a reason it’s called a crisis – it’s hard to get control over it all. While there are plenty of things being done, Beto believes that the counties should have the control to keep people inside of their homes – and the state government is not giving them that option.

    Beto wants to remove control from the people. He’s saying that Texas has been hit harder than any other state. Umm, New York might argue. While Texas has a number of cases to get it into the top 10, it’s important to look at the statistics per million. Texas is one of the highest populated states. Bearing this in mind, there are MANY states doing considerably worse.

    But, Beto misses the spotlight. He misses having his phrases being shared all over Twitter, regardless of how insane they may have been. So, instead of supporting all that Texas is doing to get the virus under control, he is going to throw the GOP directly under the bus.

    Beto is particularly concerned about what’s happening in the Rio Grande Valley, with running out of beds, nurses, and doctors to take care of the sick, and more.

    So, rather than offer up a solution, he offers Governor Greg Abbott’s head on a platter as the reason for why the Rio Grande Valley is in dire condition. Beto complains that the mayor “will not only not issue a stay-at-home order for the state of Texas, but he also will not allow the county judge there, Richard Cortez, to issue one for Hidalgo County to save the lives of the people that he was sworn to serve and to represent.”

    What exactly does Beto want? There are already mask mandates. And social distancing. Many businesses are still closed. You cannot take Americans’ rights away. You can only educate them.

    Beto also identifies that “I want to make sure this is not lost on your viewers, that county is 95% Mexican American.” Okay, what does that have to do with anything? Yes, there are many Mexican Americans who are more susceptible to the virus than white Americans. However, anyone choosing to go out without a mask and to avoid social distancing will be taking their lives into their own hands. A stay-at-home-order is not going to change that – and it takes rights away.

    But, Beto has a plan. It’s not a good one, but he thinks he’s got a plan that solves everything: “We don’t have a Governor Cuomo here, which we desperately need.”

    Governor Cuomo? The governor of New York that watched New York City flail for weeks? The state still isn’t up and running to the fullest – and they had the largest death count of any other state. The death count in New York has exceeded entire countries in Europe.

    Well, if anything, Beto has managed to keep us all entertained, if only for a few minutes. He has the ability to do that. By calling the Texas GOP a death cult and accusing Governor Abbott of not allowing a mayor to take away the rights of his people, he helped to give us a reason to smile. It’s a good thing he managed to get kicked out of the race when he did or we’d all be worried about having our rights taken away for good.


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