NFL Team is Neutered to Appease the Left


    The liberals don’t know how to let well enough alone. Their cancel culture has destroyed all the good in the world…and now they have come for the NFL. The Washington Redskins has been using the name for decades and it was widely accepted. The logo was even designed by and approved by Native American leaders.

    Who do these dimwitted Dems think they are, demanding that the name and the logo be taken down? At first, the Redskins owner tried to fight it. But the cancel culture came in droves.

    The problem with the cancel culture is that they look at one instead of the masses. One person says they don’t like the team name and WHAM! It doesn’t matter that there are countless Native Americans who are fans of the Redskins because of the name. It doesn’t matter that surveys show that most Native Americans aren’t offended by the name.

    The Dems have shown they don’t have patience. That virtue is not one that they possess. Instead, they possess hypocrisy and the ability to throw temper tantrums on social media. So, rather than give the Washington Redskins time to decide on a replacement name and logo, they have neutered the NFL team.

    NFL teams have to play to their fans. They have to take action. So, the Redskins have announced a temporary name. They’ll be going by the “Washington Football Team.”

    Well, that’s just the saddest thing ever. It’s hard to have any kind of logo or mascot with a name like that. It’s clear that they’ve handed over their proverbial balls to the Dems with this kind of temporary name change.

    The NFL franchise will be looking to explore a new identity – perhaps one that holds a bit more heat.

    Until then, they’ll be removing the former name and logo from physical and digital spaces as quickly as they can. The hope is that there’s no trace of “Redskins” or the logo by the season-opener that they play against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Now, once it’s safe for football games to happen again, who’s going to eb the one to stop the people showing up in Redskins jerseys? Those jerseys can be upwards of $100 apiece, and die-hard fans aren’t just going to toss them in the trash. So, while the name may be changed, the legend of the Redskins will live on in the hearts of fans for decades to come.

    Perhaps there’s another aspect that the Dems haven’t looked at, either. If they’re going to neuter the team, they may as well come for the second testicle. After all, Washington is based on George Washington. Since they’ve already destroyed statues of Washington all over the country, surely that name cannot be accepted?

    Washington was a slave owner, after all. Forget about the fact that he was the one who founded the country. He’s a miserable piece of history that we need to forget.

    So, now that the Washington Redskins have become the Washington Football Team, let’s make sure the Dems finish the job. Let’s take away the NFL team’s pride entirely by just making them “Football Team.” No Washington, and no Redskins. That should make everyone feel better, right?

    The cancel culture should have a field day with this one. There’s no reason why they can’t finish the job. And, since they’re so big on paying out reparations, they should set up a reparations booth at the games to pay every fan back for all of the useless memorabilia they have that identifies such a horrible, filthy team such as the Redskins. After all, it’s the right thing to do since fans have been so wronged.

    They may not be the best team in the NFL, but they don’t deserve to be treated like this. They might as well turn the stadium into something more useful. Perhaps a BLM Coliseum so that the protesters can get more aggressive at the GOP and anyone else they feel has wronged them.


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