The Truth About Portland, Seattle Riots the Democrats Don’t Want You to Know


If you have been watching CNN over the past few days, you would probably think that the riots that have been taking place in all of the liberal strongholds are starting to subside. In reality? The exact opposite is true. Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington are actually getting much, much worse. Riots were declared in both cities and officers who are trained to deal with these issues were dispatched.

Non-lethal weapons and flashbangs were used to disperse the crowds. The officers were also equipped with full riot gear. These riots were particularly destructive. The protesters were not there to set property on fire and destroy statues. They were out for blood. Police officers were being attacked left and right. Arson and looting are still commonplace, too.

The law enforcement officials who were on the scene appeared to be outnumbered and they did not have the manpower to deal with the protesters. When the police sent tear gas canisters at the protesters, they would pick them up and launch them right back. There is no fear and the protesters do not respect the rule of law anymore.

CNN wants you to believe that everything is perfectly fine but none of this sounds fine to us. DHS officers are being assaulted at federal courthouses and Portland officers are taking the brunt of the abuse. Once the protesters were able to breach a fence that protects Portland’s federal courthouse building, a riot was declared. United States agents have been stationed there.

The officers were worried about the increased of public harm and the violent conduct of the protesters was cause for major concern. At 1:20 AM, protesters were told that it was time to leave the area or they would be dispersed. Tear gas and impact weapons were deployed 20 minutes later when the crowd refused to move.

Protesters remained in the area until 2:30 AM and blocked intersections. They also continued to use their makeshift shields. The police were forced to make a wide range of arrests but it is unclear how many residents were apprehended. If you take a moment to watch the videos of this fence being breached, you will see that the protesters are actually using power tools to make their way inside.

Authorities said rocks, bottles, fireworks and mortars were thrown at officers as they attempted to clear the area over the course of several hours stretching into Saturday night. One officer was hospitalized with a leg injury caused by an explosive.

Portland police officers were also attacked with fireworks rockets. Many officers were injured and some were even hospitalized. The Seattle protesters decided that they needed to up the ante, too. It’s almost like they were trying their best to “outdo” the protesters in Portland. The results were very similar.

Massive demonstrations took place in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and the police officers on the scene needed tear gas and flashbangs to force the protesters to disperse. This is the same area where protesters were allowed to establish an autonomous zone that spread over several blocks by Mayor Jenny Durkan.

We wonder if she is equally pleased with the violent protesters that are plaguing her city at the moment. She made it seem like she could barely be bothered about it before. The police were forced to make two dozen arrests and investigations are ongoing. The rioters are believed to have engaged in a violent attack on one of the city’s police stations and “possible explosive damage” may have taken place.

Mortars, rocks, bottles and fireworks were thrown at the cops, who were merely trying to do their job. These are not protests, these are full scale battles. Our nation’s police officers are hopelessly outnumbered and they are not going to be able to hold the fort much longer. It won’t be long before these cities have lost their way entirely.

The police are being asked to pretend that they are not under attack, while city leaders smile and pretend that all is well. As long as the police are not allowed to press their advantages and fight fire with fire, these stories are going to remain commonplace.


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