This Is Scary: First Presidential Debate Held at Cleveland Clinic Over Fear of Biden Collapse


There are certain stories that are too hilarious to be true. When we first read about this one, we had no idea what to think. Are we being trolled by the rare leftist who has a sense of humor? As it turns out, the headline that you just read is 100 percent true. The presidential debates that are supposed to be taking place within 2 months are still in search of a location.

Notre Dame has decided to pull out, leaving the Democrats scrambling to find a venue that is suitable. In the words of Father Jenkins himself, the choice was made because “the necessary health precautions would have greatly diminished the educational value of hosting the debate on our campus.” He also has the full support of the Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Dr. Mark Fox, St. Joseph County deputy health officer, is also standing with Notre Dame on this one. “I am grateful to the many members of the University community who have devoted countless hours planning this event, and to the Commission on Presidential Debates leadership for their professionalism and understanding,” Father Jenkins went on to say.

Notre Dame still wanted to have the event but the realities associated with the coronavirus pandemic have made it so that they cannot proceed. Of course, some are going to point out a key fact here: Jenkins and Barack Obama have maintained a friendship for some time now. Jenkins was supportive of his policies during his presidency.

That’s what has people wondering about the true reasoning for this decision. We still want to know why the father was willing to support Obama when he has made it abundantly clear that he is in favor of abortions. This would seem to go against everything that a man of the cloth stands for.

So where is the debate actually going to take place now? The Democrats have zeroed in on Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The Cleveland Clinic is responsible for co-hosting. These institutions were happy to announce the news. We want to know who the Democrats think they are fooling here. They obviously chose the Cleveland Clinic for a very specific reason.

Sleepy Joe may decide to take a nap in the middle of the debate and they will need the clinic to assist them. The Democrats are probably hoping that Biden can receive the necessary jolt in the middle of his speech, so that he can stay awake. We are genuinely concerned as to what will happen to him once he is forced to interact with Trump on stage.

This is a man whose brain shorts out when he is trying to rattle off a statement that was already written for him by his handlers. What’s going to happen when he has to speak off the cuff? We are going to get to watch the smoke pour out of his ears in real time and it will be awesome. Trump is probably licking his cops as we speak, if we are being honest.

Only a few more months need to go by before he finally gets the chance to take down Biden publicly and his voters cannot wait. Biden voters are probably trying their best to cling to the newest polls that claim he is in the lead but these are the very same polls that told the liberals they had nothing to worry about before President Trump was elected.

During the next few months, we are sure to hear a lot of rhetoric about the debates and why it is unsafe to have them. Don’t listen to a word of it. This is all Democratic propaganda that is designed to scare people into not attending or supporting the idea that the debates should be cancelled entirely. This is their last ditch effort at making sure that their candidate remains protected from the defeat that is surely awaiting him.


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