ESPN Host Previously Slammed Trump Over Rioters Gets Rude Awakening – After They Show Up to His Home


    Let’s just pretend that everything is great. In fact, let’s pretend so much so that we make fun of Trump’s tweets when he says anything that resembles reality. By pretending, we can go on about our lives. Only, what happens when the façade comes crashing down?

    An ESPN radio host got a harsh dose of reality just weeks after making fun of Trump for explaining what’s happening in Seattle. Paul Gallant, the host, wanted to pretend that it really was the Summer of Love and that Trump was making up the burning and pillaging.

    Only, Paul Gallant was still living in a state of denial when he tweeted back to Trump with “chill dawg.”

    It turns out that the ESPN radio host simply wasn’t capable of grasping just how bad things had gotten in his city until it made its way into his neighborhood. In fact, it went right for his apartment complex – and now, is realizing that he may be in the Summer of Hate like Trump has been trying to explain all along.

    What’s unclear is whether Gallant is more upset that Starbucks has been destroyed or that his entire apartment complex is in shambles. He identified that the cops told him to stay away in case there’s something explosive inside. He shared the photos. In the words of Trump, “burn and pillage” looks pretty accurate.

    But, what’s the problem? Clearly, the answer is to just chill. But the radio host doesn’t want to take his own advice. After all, now the anarchists have made it hard for Gallant to get a soy mocha latte with extra foam on his way to work every morning.

    Oh, and “unrelated” as Gallant shares through tweets. There was a fire a few blocks from him. It freaked him out, he says he has “zero clue what’s going on” but he’s taking his cat and getting out.

    Did he really say that he has “zero clue?” Maybe he’s been watching too much of the liberal media that’s been hiding what’s really going on. Trump tried to tell them what was going on a month ago, but Gallant and other libs wanted to turn a blind eye.

    Gallant is so shaken about what’s happened to his neighborhood that he wants to “buy a firearm” because “this is going to keep happening.” He’s angry – and that might just be enough to get him to realize that the liberal agenda is not what he wants anymore.

    More and more people have been turning conservative after the anarchists have damaged their neighborhoods. They can only live in denial for so long before they have to accept that the Dem leaders have failed their city.

    Even Congressmen have turned from Democratic to Republican over the past year because the flavor of Democrat has become a bit too bitter than anyone can tolerate. Suddenly, being a Democrat means being a staunch liberal who will allow the country to tear itself apart before admitting that Trump is right and that he really can make America great again.

    It’s amazing how easily the liberal media can hide what’s going on. Protests? What protests? It’s like they wave a magic wand to hide what’s hideous. If it doesn’t fit with their agenda, they don’t show it. Even an ESPN radio host was oblivious to what happened within his own city. He didn’t want to believe Trump because he was told to ignore what Trump was saying.

    Unfortunately, Gallant had to wait to see it with his own eyes to believe it. Now, he has seen the anarchist ways of the rioters. They have come for his Starbucks and they have destroyed his apartment complex. He went from a liberal buffoon to someone who wants to tote a gun and realize that he needs to protect not only himself but the city he loves so much.

    Congrats, Paul Gallant. If you need some firearms advice, the GOP is waiting to welcome you with open arms.


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