The End of Big Techs’ Censorship? Trump Implements Executive Order Aimed at Preventing Online Censorship


Ever since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, tech giants have been uniting and looking to take away conservatives’ right to free speech. They are muzzled on a consistent basis, to no one’s surprise. That’s why the president is stepping in to help out. There’s no reason for the Internet to become a place of censorship.

Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Google’s Sundar Pichai were summoned to a Congressional hearing on the matter yesterday. They were asked to testify before Congress. The House judiciary subcommittee that focuses on antitrust related issues heard the testimony.

Liberal tech giants like these can’t be allowed to stomp all over conservative speech forever. If the current president is not willing to stand up for the right wing voices that are being silenced, there’s no one else. The liberals will only continue to grow more and more powerful. Before long, they are going to have the entire media landscape in a choke hold.

While there is plenty of evidence that shows the liberals’ willingness to muzzle conservatives, none of these men were ready to take responsibility. They are only going to continue to deny what we all see every day. Conservatives cannot express their unvarnished opinions online anymore without being targeted by hate mobs.

The same bleeding heart liberals who want the right to speak their mind are not willing to extend the same courtesy to those who think differently. It goes against everything that they claim to stand for, which makes it pretty funny…..if it weren’t so maddening. Every day, we read a new story about Facebook or Google censoring a well meaning conservative.

BREAKING: President Trump directs FCC to implement Executive Order Preventing Online Censorship to limit Section 230

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) July 29, 2020

The Trump White House is not going to stand for it any longer. An executive order was published and they are taking direct aim at the leftists who are engaging in online censorship. Social media giants are not going to have the ability to dictate the tenor of our daily conversations. When they moderate posts and silence people, they will now have to operate under a certain level of transparency.

Our most essential freedoms are being protected because the president is actually taking the time to address the concerns that keep us awake at night. No one wants to live in a country where opposing viewpoints are silenced like this. It pains us to admit this but we would be the first ones to admit that we are not looking to silence liberal thinkers either.

This is HUGE: @realDonaldTrump strikes a blow enabling Americans to protect our most essential freedoms from the censors.

White House Statement:
Commerce Department Press Release:
Text of the Petition:

— Jeff Ballabon (@ballabon) July 29, 2020

If the left wants a true democracy, everyone should be allowed to speak without fear of reprisal. The mainstream media talks a good game about how we are a country that properly protects citizens’ rights to free speech but it sounds hollow at the moment. Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are all gaining too much power.

Trump is now looking to cut them off at the knees, before they have a chance to cast an even larger shadow over our daily interactions online. Skeptics will point out the censorship that Trump experienced on his favorite social media platform, Twitter. Surely, he’s only issuing this order as a means of getting revenge.

That hardly seems to be the case here but we are sure that’s how the liberal media will spin it to their captive audience. They will buy any story that comes out, as long as there is some sort of angle that allows them to harp on Trump for the millionth time. In the meantime, the president is going to continue to fight the good fight.

Unless conservative leaders are ready and willing to keep the fight going, right wing thinkers are only going to continue to suffer. The effectiveness of this executive order remains to be seen but we are cautiously optimistic. Online platforms will need to start curating their content in good faith or they could face a number of newfound punishments for any perceived refusal to meet these requirements.


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