Harris Says COVID-19 Vaccine Can’t Be Trusted, While Blaming Trump for Undermining Trust in Vaccine


The stories that are coming out of the Democratic camp right now are too insane to be believed. Place yourself in the shoes of this voting bloc right now. They had to wait until the summer was almost over before they were given the chance to learn more about Joe Biden’s running mate. We all knew that it was going to be Kamala Harris but bear with us here.

Now that Harris has been chosen officially, she is now going out of her way to let the world know that she would not utilize a vaccine that was developed by the current administration. If you don’t believe us, Harris said this for everyone to hear. You will be able to hear the statement for yourself once the interview has had a chance to air.

The interview was given by CNN’s Dana Bash for Sunday’s State of the Union program. Bash is the sort of interviewer that the Democrats rely upon when they are looking for someone who is down to play slow pitch softball. Kamala was very comfortable in this setting and that’s why she was willing to provide a closer look at the Democratic prejudice that has infected their party.

She may believed that she was sending a shot across Trump’s bow but in reality? All she is doing is spitting in the face of every scientist who is working tirelessly to create a vaccine in a timely manner. If a vaccine was ready by the time the Trump presidency was over, this would be a miracle and major cause for celebration.

Meanwhile, Democrats like Harris are already folding their arms across their chests and claiming that they are not going to take their medicine. It’s childish behavior, for sure. That has not stopped them from continuing to whine about a vaccine that has yet to arrive. Most experts believe that it should take anywhere between five to ten years for a vaccine to be created.

We have never seen a vaccine developed under this level of duress before. Why would anyone want to make the scientists feel as if their efforts are all for naught? There’s already a burgeoning anti vaccination movement going on right now. Now, the Democrats are looking to add even more fuel to this fire. CNN is also working alongside the Democrats to make things even worse than they are now.

They were willing to put out a hit piece about the current president, claiming that he is placing major pressure on the Food and Drug Administration. CNN believes that Trump is telling the FDA that he needs them to have a vaccine ready by the time election day rolls around. This story might sound good to the Democrats out there but no one actually believes it.

Trump has no control over when a vaccine is completed. He cannot tell the scientists to work any faster. He can offer encouragement like any other president would in this scenario but that’s about it. The idea that he is standing over the FDA and cracking a whip is a bit insane. That’s par for the course for the Democrats, though. They come up with their narrative for the Republicans and the liberal media falls right in line with it.

“I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about,” says Harris in the clip. She’s made her feelings very clear. There is no room for interpretation here. No one can explain this one away.

As for the chief adviser to Operation Warp Speed? Moncef Slaoui is not tolerating any undue influence during the vaccine development process. “I have to say there has been absolutely no interference,” he says. That should be good enough for the Democrats but they would rather spend their time bickering.


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