Record Number of Americans Arm Themselves Ahead of Elections


Liberal columnists have taken notice of the fact that the Democrats are no longer as worried about gun control during this election cycle. One of their pet topics seems to have fallen completely by the wayside. There’s a good reason for that one, though. They are probably too busy buying up all of the guns and ammo!

There has been a huge spike in demand for both, according to a report from The Star Tribune. The sales have risen to an unprecedented level and America is poised to shatter the previous record, which was set back in 2016. The fact that this was an election year as well is not lost on us, that is for sure.

Americans are understandably terrified every time an election rolls around because they are led to believe that they should be. The Democrats love to instill fear in their base because they know that is the only way that they can win. They are not going to be able to win an election on their own merits, so they need to convince everyone that there is much for them to be afraid of.

The marked increase in demand is spurred by the purchases of first time buyers. “Manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand anymore. The industry’s never been hit this hard before,” says Dave Bean. As the owner of Get Guns Now, a gun shop in Oakdale, he is well qualified to make these sorts of distinctions.

It’s time to ask ourselves a very simple question. Are these first time sales coming from Democrats or Republicans? The idea that the guns are all being purchased by Republicans does not align with the current political state. For starters, Republicans were purchasing guns more often during the Obama administration. They were worried about the gun control proposals that he was making during this time.

In fact, the purchase of a gun became something of a symbolic gesture. Since so many Republicans were responsible for first time gun purchases during the Obama presidency, it’s hard to pin the recent spike on the right wing. The leftists may love guns more than they let on or they might be preparing for some sort of perceived civil war.

After all, the Democrats are telling anyone who will listen that they need to be ready for some sort of battle if they win back the presidency. You’ve herd it all before. Trump will refuse to leave the White House, his supporters will run wild through the streets, lives will be lost, blah blah blah. Take Minnesota, for example.

This state is not exactly known as a GOP stronghold but The FBI’s National Instant Crime Background Check System tallies a 59 percent increase in these checks over the past month for this ostensibly liberal state. Of course, this spike is not exclusively fueled by the Democrats but it bears noting. There’s no way that the increase can be attributed to Republicans alone.

Minnetonka Gunstop agent Dave Amon says that the demand is not slowing down at all. Now that the national conversation about the necessity of law enforcement is reaching a fever pitch, people are worried that they will need something to protect themselves. This includes the sort of folks that typically wouldn’t be associated with gun ownership by the average liberal. “I’ve seen a lot more single moms that are scared and need something to protect them. They’re scared when people talk about defunding the police,” says Amon.

Perhaps the districts that were once staunchly Democrat will start to reconsider once they take a long look at what their cities will become. Progressives have already decided that they are not going to sit down and wait for the inevitable to happen. They are currently arming themselves, too. If the Republicans are smart, they are certainly not going to let them get away with talking out of both sides of their mouths.


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