Trump Asks Reporter to Remove Mask so he Can Hear the Question – The Reporter Resists


The duplicity of the Democrats makes all true-blooded Americans want to throw up every time they are exposed. Progressives everywhere push fear on people with their actions and words. And even when all guidelines are being observed, they think that they must somehow make an even stricter set of rules on people. Democrats believe that the methods of COVID-19 containment as directed by the president is not enough.

During a press conference with the president, reporters are required to wear a mask and social distance. But to be heard correctly and plainly, there are times when the mask must be pulled down so words can be heard correctly. A person who refuses to bring down their mask when they are social distance is either living in unfounded fear or trying to resist any authority exhibited by the president.

The reporter in question is Jeff Mason, a White House correspondent is. The mask muffled every word he spoke. No one could understand his words. So, the president requested that Mason pull down his mask to ask his question. It was not a big issue because he could have put it back in place once he was done talking.

But like all liberal reporters, he believes that he is in charge. His refusal is another mark of defiance by the media. Like their Democratic counterparts, they resist all authority that the president has. Their mission is to frustrate and hurt President Trump anyway that they can before the November election.

President Trump wanted to hear and answer the question that defiant Mason wanted to ask. The president stated that “You’re going to have to take that off. Just take it off.” It was a simple request. But maniac Mason lives in fear and cannot be led to believe that the air he breathes every day is virus-free.

For months now, health experts have pushed social distancing. Either the six feet works, or it does not. Mason was more than six feet removed from everyone else, and he still refused to listen. The media reporters promote lies, and their actions show it very well.

The president went on to say during the exchange by asking Mason, “How many feet are you away?” By now, the defiant reporter is becoming irritating to everyone trying to listen to him. The president finished saying that “If you don’t take it off, you’re very muffled. So if you take it off, it would be a lot easier.”

Mason blew him off. And went on asking his questions about some of the president’s actions two years ago. Mason tried to paint the president as an unsympathetic man who refused to attend a French cemetery ceremony. The president is very busy and could not make the event. Mason shot himself in the foot when he tried to make a point that no one could hear him make.

Even after the exchange, Mason blurted out that he would talk louder. President Trump just gave the child what he wanted and stated, “It’s better, yeah. It’s better.” The president is wise enough to pick the critical battles. Mason was allowed to continue to wear his mask like a spoiled brat.

In response to the senseless reporter, the president stated that “I have always been on the opposite side of John McCain. John McCain liked wars. … Frankly, I was never a fan of John McCain, you know that.” Democrats are grasping for straws. They have to resort to events that are years old to throw at the president because everyone loves him.

As the press conference was coming to a close, President Trump slammed dunked Mason by praising another reporter that removed his mask. He said, “You sound so clear, as opposed to everybody else where they refuse [to take off their mask].”

The real pandemic is no longer COVID-19. It is the ridiculous indoctrination of the Democrats to Americans. They push socialism on everyone as they try and hijack the youth of America. They get upset when challenged and resort to violence when they lose elections and debates. They are the enemy of freedom.


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