Democrats and Communist China are Tied at the Hip and Here is the Proof


The connection between the Democratic Party and communist China has never been more apparent than what it is today. In two years, two Democratic leaders of Congress have been caught meddling with and involved with a Chinese spy ring. Eric Swalwell is a Democrat from California, is being investigated for his work for China that was targeting politicians while Obama was in the White House.

And before traitorous Swalwell was Dianne Feinstein, who is also from California. She hired a Chinese spy to work for her as a staff member. It was about that same time that Feinstein and her husband started to make some real money behind the scenes.

Swalwell is one of the worst voices threatening the president, and what they say are Russian ties. And yet here, this crooked politician is using a known Chinese spy to take “part in fundraising activity for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign, according to a Bay Area political operative and a current U.S. intelligence official.”

One report went on to note that “Swalwell’s office was directly aware of these activities on its behalf, the political operative said. Fang helped place at least one intern in Swalwell’s office, according to those same two people, and interacted with Swalwell at multiple events over the course of several years.”

And to make matters worse, this female spy has had relations with two mayors as part of her work in the United States. It was also during this time a professor in Beijing stated that his country controls significant political and financial power in the government of America and on Wall Street.

Di Dongsheng stated that “Trump waged a trade war with us. Why couldn’t we handle him? Why is it that between 1992 and 2016 we always resolved issues with the U.S.? Did you guys know? Now, I’m going to drop a bomb: Because we had people up there inside America’s core circle of power, we had our old friends … In plain and simple language, during the last three to four decades, we used the core circle inside America’s real power. Wall Street had a very profound influence over America’s domestic and foreign affairs since the 1970s. We used to heavily rely on them.”

This professor told his people that American businesses have been selling secrets to China for years. And yet, he also had to admit that President Trump put a stop to it for the four years he served as president. No wonder the lying liberals hate him so much because he put a stop to the illegal actions that were making so many people rich in politics today.

The professor also admitted that “Now with Biden winning the election, the traditional elites, political elites, the establishment, they have a very close relationship with Wall Street. You all heard that Trump said Biden’s son has securities companies all over the world. But who helped Biden’s son build his global companies? There are indeed buy-and-sell transactions involved in here, so I think at this particular time, it is of strategic and tactical value for us to show goodwill to [Biden].”

He has come out and admitted that they control Biden. The Democratic cheat is a liability to America. And Harris is no better. She wants to destroy America and put the country back to the dark ages.

Back in 2013, Biden stated that “At the request of President Obama and Chinese President Hu two years ago, we were asked – they asked us both – both President Xi – Vice President Xi and I to spend some more time together. We traveled to each other’s countries, spent literally scores of hours together, spent 10 days together in each of our countries – five and five.” He spent so much time with them that he was setting up a plan that would turn America over to the Chinese.

These two Congress members need to be tried as traitors and prosecuted as an example of what happens to people that turn on their country. The Founding Fathers would have executed these two for their crimes against God and country. They should at least stand trial and be convicted of treason.


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